Spaces for People Update – Braid Road & Greenbank to Meadows Quiet Route

Below is the latest on the reopening of Braid Road southbound, and the Greenbank to Meadows Quiet Route. When compared to the last set of plans, there are quite a few changes – not least vehicle access for the Braid Hills Hotel.

I am grateful for the time that has been invested in producing the latest set of plans. As I stated at the workshop, it is not clear to me that the safest route for the “Quiet Route” has been selected. I also do not feel that I have seen sufficient data to understand why reopening Braid Road southbound was selected in preference to the viable alternatives. Lastly, I feel that there has not been sufficient engagement with local businesses and residents. Nonetheless, I am keen that we see some progress with Braid Road prior to schools returning after the Easter Break so I am happy for the southbound reopening to progress so that the impact on public transport may be tested.

Thanks a lot to those of you who submitted comments regarding the design proposals. These have resulted in further revisions to the designs, notably:

  • Retaining two way operation on Braid Road between Braid Hills Drive and the main entrance to the Braid Hills Hotel
  • Removing the northbound cycleway on Braid Road between Braid Hills Drive and the main entrance to the Braid Hills Hotel – thus retaining parking for residents on this stretch
  • Closing the southbound ‘slip road’ between Braid Road and Hermitage Drive to discourage southbound journeys from Morningside Clock utilising Braid Road
    • This will continue to be monitored following implementation and it is acknowledged that further measures may be required to discourage through traffic on Braid Road between Morningside Clock and Hermitage Drive
  • Including pavement widening at the southeast side of the junction of Braid Road and Hermitage Drive

The designs were approved, subject to relevant revisions including those outlined above, by CIMT yesterday. Revised designs and the AFF for this project are attached (designs may still be subject to minor revisions in advance of and during delivery).

Project delivery is scheduled to commence next Thursday 8th April. Braid Road is expected to open to Southbound traffic via Hermitage Drive the following Friday 16th April, in advance of Schools returning from the Easter Holidays.

3 thoughts on “Spaces for People Update – Braid Road & Greenbank to Meadows Quiet Route

  1. Do you prefer tea or coffee? Have you ever tried cycling down the Comiston Road cycle lanes whilst drinking a mug of tea at the same time?


  2. I’m a very privileged and entitled dog and I get driven everywhere so I’d like every Spaces for People scheme to be removed with immediate effect so it takes 5 minutes less for me to get to the park or the beach.


  3. Spaces for People should be renamed to Spaces for People & Dogs. Whenever I’m in Morningside I walk along the extended pavements whilst my owner walks along the actual pavement. It’s time Spaces for People was renamed Spaces for People & Dogs.


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