Spaces for People – Re-opening Braid Road to Southbound Traffic

Linked below are the Council’s plans for re-opening of Braid Road southbound and the southern extent of the “Greenbank to Meadows Quiet Route“. These include changes such as the inclusion of footway widening at the junction of Cluny Drive and Midmar Drive, and the inclusion of an extra diagonal filter on Hermitage Gardens.

If you have an questions or comments, please e-mail me (Scott.Arthur@Edinburgh.Gov.UK) or the Spaces for People team directly (

The Council will accept feedback up until Monday 29 March. Following this, the project will be presented for approval at the meeting of the “Covid Incident Management Team” on Thursday 1 April. If approved delivery will commence during the w/c 5th April.

The Council is also running a consultation on making the Spaces for People schemes permanent. You can find more details on this here.

The Plans


4 thoughts on “Spaces for People – Re-opening Braid Road to Southbound Traffic

  1. I have already written to you about how I do not wish any of these temporary measures to be made permanent. Now they want to prevent traffic from travelling east on Braidburn Terrace to go straight on to Hermitage Drive. This is ludicrous.


  2. I am appalled that Edinburgh Council are considering such ridiculous plans and that they have the gall to call them temporary, when we all know that they have no intention of reversing them. They will cost the city at a time when money should be spent on health, education and protecting our economy. They will cause considerable traffic congestion and that will of course lead to an increase in air pollution – is the aim indeed not to help reduce this for the sake of our environment?


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