Key Local Issues

October 2019 Newsletter 

Issue: Proposed Development on our Green Belt at Winton
Miller Homes has once again brought forward proposals to build on the field at Winton.    Miller Homes has banked this land and has consistently tried to get planning permission for residential development.

Local people have fought with Ian Murray MP against the development on this site for some time due to the impact it will have on the area and local road network.

My Position: In my view, the behaviour of Miller Homes has been unacceptable. If elected I will not sit on the fence. I will support local residents and work with Ian Murray MP to block this development.


Issue: The Proposed Demolition of Comiston Farmhouse
A developer is seeking to demolish Comisiton Farmhouse and fill the site with flats. This raises concerns about the loss of a local landmark, damage to local biodiversity and impacts on local roads.

My Position: If elected I will not sit on the fence. I’ll work with Ian Murray MP to block the demolition.  I’m concerned about the loss of a historic landmark, the impact on already busy roads, protection of the trees and the visual impact of the proposed flats.


Issue: The Future of Redford Barracks
Redford Barracks are to close under the Government’s review of its defence estate. This site is huge and it’s future is uncertain.

My Position: If left unchecked, developers will fill this site with “luxury” homes and apartments whilst paying little attention to the needs of the local community. If I’m elected and the barracks doclose, I will make sure the community is at the heart of the decision making regarding the site. As well as making sure roads, our great schools and GPs are not overloaded, I will want to use the redevelopment as a chance to bring jobs and affordable homes (for purchase & rent) to the area. Above all else, we must ensure Colinton Village and Colinton Mains benefit from the redevelopment of the site.


Issue: Capacity of Local Schools
The projected increase in pupil numbers over the next 10 years at many schools across Edinburgh – both primary and secondary – has become a major issue for Edinburgh. In total, secondary pupil numbers in the city are due to rise by 30% by 2026 and all but 5 of the city’s 23 secondary schools face capacity problems.

My Position: If elected, I will block new developments that lead to overcrowding in our Schools. I will ask the council to draw up a strategy for managing staff and class sizes in Colinton-Fairmilehead that does not involve changing school catchments. I will also protect denominational schools from closure.


Issue: The Construction the Oxgangs Aldi Store
Work is now underway at the Oxgangs Aldi store site. As a result of the development, the Oxgangs Library car park will be closed from the 20th of February until October when the store opens. This will be inconvenient, particularly for library users with mobility problems.

My Position: Let’s hope the store brings the promised jobs to the community and does not have a negative impact on local businesses. If elected, I will put pressure on the developer to get the Library car park open ASAP.