The Council’s formal response to the consultation on the proposed temporary changes to Comiston Road (Buckstone/Pentland Terrace).

Below (inc the linked file) is the Council’s formal response to the consultation on the  proposed temporary changes to Comiston Road (Buckstone/Pentland Terrace).

I have still to digest this fully, but it looks like the plans will progress unamended but in a phased manner. The speed limit will be reduced to 30mph (Good news!).

If you look at the linked file a great many comments were made, but the response does not always contain the detail I had hoped for. I am also disappointed that the Council has refused to view this plan alongside the Braid Road closure and demonstrate some “joined up thinking” in doing so.

Me: Will Braid Road remain closed? Has the interaction with Braid Road been fully considered?

Council: Braid Road will be considered separately on its own merits.

Thank you for your comments regarding the proposed emergency road measures on Comiston Road. Comments have been reviewed and a summary of comments is included in the attached assessment feedback form to the Council Incident Management Team (CIMT).  Following consideration by the CIMT on 17 July 2020 the proposals have been approved for implementation.

Officers will be monitoring all the temporary measures and will make adjustments as necessary to mitigate any impacts.

Initially, these measures will be implemented using road markings and temporary traffic management materials (such as those used on Old Dalkeith Road, and Crewe Road South) only, in order to implement the changes as soon as possible. We are in the process of appointing contractors and expect this work to commence during early August – though timelines may be subject to change. At this time there will be no changes to bus stops and the layout on street may differ from the approved designs at some locations.

Thereafter the Council will deliver the changes outlined in the designs in full. This delay is due to the limited availability of some of the required materials, including the ‘Greenwich Wand Orcas’ which will separate cycles from traffic, and the materials which will be used for several of the Bus Stops. We expect that these more robust measures will be implemented during Autumn/ Winter, though this may also be subject to change.

Further information about how the Council is implementing temporary road measures to support safe walking, wheeling  and cycling is available at


Spaces for People Team



One thought on “The Council’s formal response to the consultation on the proposed temporary changes to Comiston Road (Buckstone/Pentland Terrace).

  1. So that’s it, usual Council “we know what we are doing”. Not even the Strength to say “No”. And as for the idea that two parallel roads might influence the thiking for each other “too difficult”. We’ve seem it before, we’ll see it again


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