All of Edinburgh’s 63 Councillors must do their best for our capital and the communities they represent within it.

All of Edinburgh’s Councillors were elected to stand up for our city, and should not be expected to stay quiet when the public want action.

If the Evening News pays Steve Cardownie for his column it perhaps should get a refund for this week’s error strewn edition focused on me.

First and foremost, Councillor Maureen Child is not the Labour Group Whip, that honour falls to Councillor Ricky Henderson and I can’t remember the last time an issue was raised against me.

Secondly, I am described as not being a team player has I hold “forthright views” about the SNP Government’s record in office. Cardownie would have a point if I were actually part of the Scottish Government, but I am not. Whilst he and his nationalist chums in Edinburgh are shy about holding the Scottish Government to account, I see it as my duty to stand up for Edinburgh on issues ranging from the crisis at the new Sick Kids Hospital to the under-funding of policing in our capital.

Thirdly, I am attacked by Cardownie for daring to raise concerns about Council Leader Adam McVey’s comments on a range of issues. It’s true that I have misgivings about his approach to dealing with the apparently out of control tourist economy and his failure to ensure Edinburgh is fairly funded. On these points, however, I am simply echoing the concerns of many Edinburgh residents. Nonetheless, I did defend him when thousands of Edinburgh citizens signed a petition demanding that he resigned over his alleged mismanagement of the Underbelly fiasco.

Lastly, Steve Cardownie makes the case for the 3 groups of pro-Independence Councillors working together (SNP, Greens and EPIC) as some sort of harmonious ideal. Is this really the best we can hope for as a city? Should Councillors being in favour of breaking up the UK really stop them from speaking out on Edinburgh’s homelessness crisis, the state of our roads, problems in social care, bins not being collected and Underbelly’s failings?

I’d suggest that it’s the job of all of Edinburgh’s 63 Councillors to do their best for our capital and the communities they represent within it. I know that’s what I am doing.

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