Nicola Sturgeon needs to reflect on #indyref2… again!

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Nicola Sturgeon does not get it does she? She’s listened, reflected and ultimately ignored the message Scotland sent the SNP on the 8th of June. She’s right. We’re wrong.
In an election dominated by the spectre of a second divisive independence referendum, he SNP suffered a real leathering. Rather than stick her unwanted indyref2 in the bin along with her plans to scrap the council tax, she has simply paused the countdown for six months in the hope that will give her time to find an argument that stacks up. It won’t.
She is still pinning all her hopes on Brexit being bad for Scotland. She hopes that will drive us Scots to her independence cliff edge.
Forget the fact that she still has no credible alternative to Brexit or that she has no financial case for independence, she still wants her own “Project Fear” to do the work.
Forget the positive 2014 messages about fighting inequality, he SNP’s record has caught up with them so all they now offer is fear.
In her speech Nicola Sturgeon conceded that “there are people who don’t want another referendum…”. Another way of describing these people is to use the term “majority”. Indeed, in my own Ward 75% of voters backed pro-UK candidates in May – each recognised the damage independence would do to Edinburgh.
From the financial sector to our universities, jobs rely on strong links to the UK far more than the EU. It’s time for Nicola Sturgeon to reflect on that fact!

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