My 4 SEC Pledges

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This image was one of the highlights of my time on the SEC so far – sharing the stage with Richard Leonard at the 2018 Conference in Dundee.

25-Feb-19 Update: It is great that the leadership now backs the membership on a People’s Vote, but we still have more to do if we want to prevent a Tory Brexit. Strong policy positions on Brexit (i.e. a Norway type deal or better… perhaps even REMAIN!) and Climate Change are what I will push for on the SEC if re-elected. I will also be asking that our party deals with antisemitism promptly and robustly. 
11-Feb-19 Update: Now that Theresa May has rejected Jeremy Corbyn’s approaches for a compromise we now must move to People’s Vote ASAP. There is no more that can be done to persuade the Theresa May to change course. Backing a Tory Brexit will destroy jobs and our party. 
I’m proud to be nominated again to be your representative on the SEC. I hope this reflects my commitment to ensuring transparency, and also my dedication to the party.
I am standing again to represent the needs of all members, not any particular faction in the party. Scotland is key to getting a Labour Prime Minister elected, so it is important that we listen to members, trade unionists and voters on everything from Brexit to Climate Change (two man-made disasters!).
A vote for me will help make that happen.
If re-elected to represent you I will ensure:
1. The voice of members and working people is heard on Brexit, including suspending Article 50 and fighting for a People’s Vote;
2. That our Councillors (I’m one!) are at the forefront of our fightback;
3. We have the progressive polices, active membership and infrastructure
needed to win back seats in Holyrood; and,
4. We redouble our commitment as a party to tackle climate change.
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