Planning application for a substantial private care home on 5 Winton Drive

A planning application has been submitted to build a substantial private care home on 5 Winton Drive in my Ward, but access will be via Winton Loan.

I don’t doubt that this 62 bed enterprise will be commercially viable, but it will have significant impact on the area. My concerns are:

  1. Traffic impacts.
  2. The size and scale of what’s proposed is not in-keeping with the area and its semi-rural suburban residential setting.
  3. It represents overdevelopment of the site.
  4. It will be damaging to the Morton Mains conservation area (which is literally across the road), and make the development of the greenbelt there more likely.

Details are linked here, and comments must be submitted by the 17th of June.

I have spoken to Ian Murray MP, and he will write to local residents to make them aware of the application. Local residents have setup a Facebook page where people can exchange views on the subject.


One thought on “Planning application for a substantial private care home on 5 Winton Drive

  1. As an employee of Northcare, they have offered my a £100 bonus if I submit a supporting application on June 17th. They have told me that they plan to have a massive influx of supportive comments submitted on the last day, and they have a selection of pre-written supportive comments they want us to use so they have a really strong supportive case for the carehome. I have been told I will receive my bonus if the planning application is approved and they have proof of my supportive comment. I am deeply uncomfortable with this idea, but my colleagues are desperate for the money and happy to oblige. My sister told me of you and I found this article on your blog. I’m anonymous as I don’t want to be sacked.


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