Initial Poll Results – Changes to 10 & 16 Bus Service

Update (21-05-22) – Linked here are notes from a meeting myself and David Houston (Colinton Community Council) held with Lothian Buses. I am not happy with the outcome, but I now have a better idea if of what is driving matters.

Update (18-05-22) – 366 people have now responded to my survey, with just 12.9% supporting the change, 20.7% requesting further consultation and 66.d% saying they prefer the status quo.

Update (30-04-22) – 323 people have now responded, with just 12.7% supporting the change, 20.4% requesting further consultation and 66.9% saying they prefer the status quo.

Interim Results

Lothian Buses have announced changes to the 10 & 16 bus services used by many in Colinton. The key changes with be that:

  1. The 10 will serve Bonaly via Colinton; and,
  2. The 16 will serve Torphin via Colinton.

Details are here.

The increased service to Bonaly is to be welcomed, but it appears that some in west Colinton will pay the price for this via:

  1. A slightly slower service in to town.
  2. More difficult journeys to Tesco & Allermuir Health Centre.
  3. Losing the bus service to Firrhill High School, Meggetland, GWC, and Edinburgh Leisure’s Craiglockhart Leisure Centre & Tennis Centre.

The official response to these concerns I received from Lothian Buses on this was:

The network alteration is intended to improve the overall service provision for both Torphin and Bonaly. The current weekday daytime frequency is 2 buses each hour to Torphin and one bus per hour to Bonaly. From the change this will increase to 5 and 3 respectively. School children and elderly customers are entitled to free travel through the Scottish National Entitlement scheme and can change buses in Colinton at no additional cost. We appreciate that journey time is a factor in many peoples decision to use public transport, however service frequency is also a massive consideration and we believe that the significant increases in frequency will be a benefit to both areas.

Lothian Buses, 27-04-22

I found these comments to be disappointing, “free” travel should not be second rate travel! I know there are a range of views locally, so I set up a poll to better understand local opinion on this issue.

After just 24 hours, I have received 237 responses with just 12.2% supporting the change, 20.3% requesting further consultation and 67.5% saying they prefer the status quo.

When I read the comments from residents (listed below), however, it is clear that opinion is less divided that these statistics suggest. I could see that the consensus is:

  1. The bus service should be a viable alternative to using the car.
  2. The current service, and the changes proposed by Lothian Buses, don’t meet the needs of the local community.
  3. Residents would welcome an opportunity to provide feedback to Lothian Buses.

Separately, Colinton Community Council have contacted me raising concerns about what Lothian Buses are proposing. Based on this, emails I have received, and my poll results I have therefore taken the unusual step of contacting a member of Lothian Buses’ board to request that a representative attends the Colinton Community Council meeting scheduled for the 10th of May. A publicly owned bus service should be publicly accountable.

If you have not done so already, it is not too late to complete my poll.

Cllr Scott Arthur

Comments from those seeking consultation on the changes.

  1. If the council want us to be more environmentally conscious when travelling in the city, they should invest more in public transport to benefit all residents, not just those who live near the tramlines.
  2. The current route is better than the proposed route for reasons outlined in your post, but understandable that the bus company might need to make changes for economic reasons. A consultation would be a good middle ground to find out what the customers need. “
  3. I think the 10 should cover both Torphin and Bonaly as one bus route and the 16 should remain as is.
  4. Prior to lockdown I used the 10 Torphin daily to get into town or to Haymarket station via 10&4. But I also use the shops at Oxgangs Broadway & Morningside a lot so connect onto the 16. I now have to walk back most of the time from Westgarth on my return as the 10 timetable is reduced plus delayed by tram and road works so usually have to wait ages for a connection. So an alternating 10 and 16 with good frequency would be great. A major consideration I think is to ensure we keep a bus going up to Tipereth to allow service users access to independent travel and for the staff, many of whom I think are gap students on low income so not likely to have their own car. Also, don’t forget Braidburn pupils. In their senior years some undertake independent travel training so would rely on a 10 to get to or from school.
  5. The reduction in frequency in the 10 since lockdown is an issue now that office working is back in place for many. Access to the local services is a must, and the ‘slightly longer’ journey on the 16 is considerable when getting to work in the morning, with adjustments to childcare now a concern that many will have to consider.
  6. Our children travel to school on this service and will now find it harder to travel safely and increase the time to get to school. Hugely disappointing!
  7. I like the frequency of the 16 servicing Torphin and it makes sense to extend this service. But we also need the bus to go to Firhill and Watsons for school children. Some people living here may also have bought their house because they could use the bus to get to work thus reducing car use. So we also need the 10 to Torphin. If we HAD to choose I would keep the 10 as it is but would prefer a blended approach.
  8. I would like to know whether the no16 route is going to change beyond the extension to Torphin or continues it’s current route? Everyone is assuming the existing route.
  9. Could the Bonaly and Torphin service be amalgamated. Up Woodhall Road, terminate at Torphin and return to the village via Bonaly ?
  10. It is not about the “free” bustravel it’s about children having to now get two buses to school-the stop at Rustic cottages is busy as it is in the morning, has anyone from Lothian buses travelled the route at 8am when it’s full of school children? Has anyone from Lothian buses travelled the 16 route lately to understand the complaints about the ridiculous long journey time?
  11. Streamline the 10 service to service torphin too
  12. I would urge some peak time 10 torphin buses to accommodate school children travelling to Firrhill high school and commuters
  13. Proposed changes to the 10 service are dreadful for city workers and school children.
  14. “Surely the consideration of people in West Colinton’s needs should come into the equation not just service freqyency. There is no indication that the 16 and 10 services are going to synch and therefore there may be a considerable wait or repeated delays to get buses and connect to 10 if wanting to travel to town Craiglockhart GWC etc rather than use the slower route for the 16. Its the lack of consultation the impact on those with mobility issues or other difficulties and the older age group and impact on ability to shop or get to important venues that annoys the most.Its been a difficult time for many with the pandemic and if changes are brought in leading to further difficulties getting about when things are just starting to feel more normal and relaxed about using buses this could & probably will lead to furer isolation and social exclusion”
  15. If the connection between the new 10 and 16 services are well coordinated then i have no issue
  16. It is frustrating that there is a low frequency of buses, but the 16 route is very different to the 10 route. I realise it is being pointed out that people can either change buses or walk from Woodfield Avenue to Colinton village. These options all have issues, including additional cost, longer journey time, and a long walk along Woodhall Road alone in the dark will be considered a safety risk for vulnerable people. All these issues make it more likely that people will continue to choose cars as transport over buses.
  17. Why not increase the number of buses?
  18. Living in Bonaly I can sympathise with West Colinton residents at the proposed loss of No 10. Equally, I find current No 10 service to Bonaly quite restrictive.
  19. The number 10 to Torphin is a much appreciated service and we’d be really upset to lose it. Taking the 16, or attempting to co-ordinate a change of buses, would significantly lengthen the journey into town. Surely it could be possible to plan a 10 route so that the same bus could serve both Bonaly and Torphin? It would make the journey slightly longer but would be much more convenient than travelling via Oxgangs/Braids/Morningside!
  20. The removal of the number 10 will make travel into town longer via morningside (a congested route already) and will probably lead to more just using the car. The face that there has been no consultation is also very poor, likewise the fact that there is talk of proposed changes to the 16 route.
  21. “Whilst i understand the need to improve services this does not feel like an improvement for the residents who use the Torphon service. Would it not make more sense to edit/combine the Torphin and Bonaly to one route as we had previously? This means that both areas benefit from an increased number of services whilst still allowing the residents to benefit from a 20 minute link to town instead of the almost 1 hour it takes on the 16.
  22. I dont qualify for free travel and already have to take 2 buses to and from work. These changes would mean i needed to add another journey thus increasing my costs as well as the travel time by a a minimum of 30 mins each way as you can bet that the schedules wont match up nicely. As a key worker who has worked in healthcare throughout the pandemic the thought of adding extra time onto my already long shifts is disheartening and ultimately would presenta verydifficult decision to leave my current role or move away from Colinton.
  23. For many the 15/20 minute walk to the villiage is not a hardship however on dark, wet and winter nights that has a severe impact on my feeling of safety in my local area.
  24. The extension of the night bus when it began to include Torphin is invaluable so i fully respect the need for change. This simply is not the right change.
  25. A final point is that a single decker 45 service cannot possibly manage the volume of pupils who rely on the no 10 to take them to school (gwc and heriots) and the bus stop at rustic cottages is dangerous at the best of time and causes massive traffic issues as it is let alone when you add multiple extra passengers. Pedestrians struggle to get past queues safely end frequently end up using the road to pass.
  26. Thank you for taking the time to look into this.
  27. A consultation would be best so that there is a debate on the pros and cons of services to Torphin with an outcome being a better understanding for all parties
  28. Please clarify the new 16 route – imp to make a decision. Current route would add significantly to travell time
  29. Can’t get to firrhill from Torphin as 16 takes you down towards Redford
  30. I am not supportive of a more regular bus going down Woodhall Road which is a narrow road and has a narrow pavement (one side only at many points). This will be dangerous for young families. In addition, I do no support a change which means children will have to change bus to get to the local high school. I do not believe this is practical or in line with the council’s ‘safe routes to school’ obligation. It is impractical to take a number 16 into town as the journey time is much longer.
  31. It would matter less if Lothian Buses changed the pricing structure to accommodate that bus changes are required as a result of route changes. Not everyone gets free bus travel so whilst we all need to be flexible about changing buses to make a journey not served by a direct route, we should not be penalised financially for doing so. In London the travel system accommodates changes required but here you are penalised if your single journey for a day turns into two buses being taken, never mind the wait times to connect.
  32. At least some torphin 10s should be retained, especially during rushour when the 16 will be far too slow.

Comments from those in favour of the status quo

  1. Definitely makes it more difficult for our kids to get the bus directly to school.
  2. My son uses Craiglockhart gym regularly and will now need to get 2 buses there.
  3. Longer travel time to get to work.
  4. Feel that Lothian buses have made no attempt to consult with local residents.
  5. Have bus times been coordinated if we choose to get a 16 into the village then transfer to the 10 then?
  6. Cost implications!
  7. I have a teenage daughter that uses the 10 everyday from the west mill stop to get to school – this ‘straight past firrhill’ service is cut out with the proposed change
  8. The proposed changes will increase our commute to work in town. It will also impact our daughter when she moves to high school.
  9. The detour through Morningside on the number 16 is a step back. Has anyone thought of the school children?
  10. If the service has to be changed could we at least keep a more direct route into town at peak times. As the crow flies the 16 route isn’t much longer but the trawl through Morningside traffic takes much longer and doesn’t allow for quick transport to Napier, Craiglockhart, Meggetland and Polwarth.
  11. The present service works well. What is being proposed might increase the frequency but if it doesn’t serve what customers need it is totally pointless!
  12. Kids use no 10 to get to school, they can’t use a no 16
  13. The 16 is too long and indirect to be considered a realistic option for those who live in colinton and get the bus to work. Also not ideal for school children – yes they can get too buses but the the waiting time in between makes this very inconvenient
  14. This change means we have no direct access to our local high school, our commute to work will be 20+ minutes longer (both based in centre of town) and I see no benefits to the new system
  15. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!
  16. Mental
  17. These proposed changes show little understanding of the needs of the community. Frequency of service has never been an issue for those in West Colinton – easier public transport to schools, GP services, supermarkets etc. is far more important. The proposed changes significantly impact on these, particularly for younger families and older people. These changes would make most journeys less convenient and are likely to discourage use of public transport, therefore (cynically) allowing LRT to argue for reduced services in future. The lack of any consultation over the changes is particularly galling – LRT should be responsible to the community that pays for them.
  18. The current service provides a direct and efficient route for commuters into the city centre, direct access to local secondary schools, sports facilities and supermarkets. The proposed changes are not an appropriate alternative. What evidence has been used to support these changes and what consultation and impact assessment has been undertaken with passengers or disability groups. I thought the policy was to improve bus services not make them worse. This will inevitably force people back into their private cars snd cause parking issues elsewhere in the network. Very very frustrated.
  19. We live at torphin terminal. This will leave the kids with no easy bus route to school at firrhill nor all their after school activities at meggetland or craiglockhart Edinburgh leisure – their two lnearest sports facilities. We will almost certainly use the car more as a result. If change must be made then the number 10 should be re routed and cover both bonaly and torphin. There is not enough space on the number 10 home from school as it is without reducing services. It’s not so bad in the summer but we have long cold dark winters and this is a real negative step . It also defeats the purpose of their new free bus pass !!
  20. Totally agree with all of the points made by the Councillor above. I would like to add that it would also affect those travelling to Colinton Medical Practice, St Thomas Aquinas , Heriots and other schools, places of work and destinations in the city .
  21. It’s not going to work for me having to get the 16 into town. I work in the west end and have to get my children to child care beforehand. I will now need to drive and park at Craiglockhart as I won’t have enough time to walk into the village. The number 16 takes too long and I won’t get to work on time. Why change something that works perfectly? What about the children who need to get to Firrhill/Watsons when it’s raining and they live up Torphin bank/Campbell park? What about the elderly who use the bus for tesco and the doctors?
  22. Please keep it as it is
  23. This change would have a huge impact on access to schools and local amenities for the most vulnerable people in this community – children getting to school, older people, and those with mobility issues. This change would create more cars on the road. It is also a much, much longer route via Morningside into town, not slightly longer – the traffic on Morningside Road can be incredibly busy and no one commuting into town would choose the number 16 route. The current number 10 is also the best bus route to serve staff, patients and visitors to the Royal Edinburgh Hospital.
  24. Either remain as it is or run no10 via Torphin and Bonaly. No access with proposed service to Craiglockhart or Meggatland,
  25. I need a direct service to get to GWC
  26. “I have 2 sons at Firrhill, one of whom is diagnosed with juvenile arthritis and one who is waiting a possible diagnosis. Both are fit and independent boy, however they have periods of time when they have difficulty walking. The no 10 is essential for them for independence and ease of access to school. Changing buses would be hard when you’re finding it difficult to walk.
  27. The No10 provides an essential direction connection to the city centre and is much used and loved in this community. “
  28. I travel to GWC for work. This new service means I would have a considerable walk at each end of my journey which I find completely unacceptable. The time involved is grossly unfair for work travel. The idea of getting two buses for such a short journey is ridiculous.
  29. Would prefer the current service to continue but would also be happy with consultation over any proposed changes.
  30. Will make the bus less appealing both for my kids travelling in to Heriot’s and my husband commuting into Central Edinburgh for work. Disappointed. Grateful if pressure can be applied on our behalf.
  31. Increased frequency only helps if it makes journeys more convenient, the proposed changes have the opposite impact.
  32. “We will use car and van transport much more.
  33. This change will make the trips to school and sports activities more dangerous. “
  34. I travel from Woodfield Avenue to Polwarth. I will now be unable to make this journey, and my kids will be unable to take the bus to Firrhill high school. It wouldn’t be so bad if we could board the Bonaly bus at Grant Avenue, however if I were to do this I’d be told to get off the bus at Bonaly store as well as paying 2 bus fares. This change is not helpful at all. Not everyone is travelling into the city.
  35. “I work in Leith Street. The length of journey on the number 16 bus route is ridiculous. I do not qualify for a free bus pass and should not have to take 2 buses to get into town nor pay for 2 extra buses per day. It can already take nearly an hour to get to Leith Street on a 10, any longer is just unacceptable.
  36. My son is at school at Firhill HS. No direct bus route to his school is again ridiculous. There’s absolutely no need to change the No 10 Torphin. Lothian Buses have not given any thought to how this change will affect so many people trying to get to work and school “
  37. “It is very disappointing that a perfectly good bus service is being changed without any consultation with the local residents.
  38. I have lived in Colinton for over 20 years and my children used the 10 bus service to reach their school at Tollcross. Local children going to the same school will now have to walk to Bonaly Avenue to catch this bus. I personally took the 10 bus through Bonaly this morning at 8.45am. It was horrendous due to the bus, moving cars, pedestrians and parked cars, especially coming down Dreghorn Loan. Basically it just all comes to a stop. Whereas the bus has much better, safer and quicker route coming down from Torphin along Woodhall Road.
  39. Has anyone actually examined the Number 10 driving round Bonaly at rush hours? “
  40. Definitely think it would be much worse if no number 10 coming to colinton as that is how our family travel to work and school just now and this would cause major disruption and delay on getting to our destination taking the 16.
  41. I use the number 10 to get to work (GWC) and my daughter’s nursery. The extra time to swap buses or walk to a further bus stop will be a big impact on our day to and from work/nursery.
  42. Cutting off part of a community. Will have to take the car to get my two children to nursery now in Craiglockhart. It is not free for me or feasible with working in town (to then get on THREE buses to work then THREE home) to take two children on two buses in the morning to nursery when there is a 10 bus stop outside my door that services is perfectly fine.
  43. No doubt Lothian Bus Co will disregard customer comments
  44. These changes remove frequency of provision to areas people actually need to go to. A service 16 from Torphin is a service of no use to man nor beast and actually makes the provision of a service much worse than we currently have.
  45. Removal of the 10 to Torphin means a direct route to town would require 2 buses, and therefore increased cost, or else walking all the way to the stop at the doctors surgery. The 16 is a circuitous route that takes much longer and is not desirable as an alternative
  46. My child gets the bus to and from Oxgangs Primary school every day from Woodfield Avenue and changes will result in a lot more added stress and worry for us as he will have to walk to Bonaly on his own or change buses.
  47. The proposed change would make it hard for my son to get to Firrhill High and for me to get into town for work. Getting two buses or walking twenty minutes to Bonaly is not ideal especially in the winter.
  48. Why would you create a bigger problem with traffic in our city as with these new change’s,more people will drive . This city is already behind our counterparts with its transport system, we are a joke
  49. I’m so disappointed with the proposed change it will have a massive impact on me and probably result in me having to drive to work rather than get public transport.
  50. 16 is a very long route and won’t help firhill
  51. I am very happy with both the frequency of the number 10 torphin bus, and the route – it is the quickest route to city west end that i use for work. I have no need at all to catch a 16 bus to morningside – it takes so long, and does not pass any places i use the bus to go to. I catch the bus to work, but i am part time and is not cost effective to get a bus pass. I am a busy working mother and i only just have time to run for the 10 torphin bus at woodfield ave stop in the mornings as it is – i literally could not get to work on time if i had to walk 20mins to westgarth ave stop, or faff about catching a 16 and waiting for the timetable to match and changing for a 10 (its ludicrous!). I am actually really worried what i am going to do, as my office are now asking all staff to come into the office, but i just cant squeeze that in around school hours and journey times if this goes ahead. As for an increased frequency along woodhall road, i dont want it, the paths are very narrow and the busses go too fast – it just increases dangers for primary children walking to bonaly primary and back (which are already a local concern). The 16 bus will be empty on the extended torphin section – i dont know of anyone who would use it (not regularly, like for work/school, which are the main journeys the number 10 is used for daily). It makes no sense at all! If lothian busses want to ‘streamline’ their services i can not understand at all why the 10 service can not simply go around bonaly, then up to torphin, turn around and go back around bonaly! – it would not miss any stops, and in my opinion it makes much more sense for the bus to wait, change drivers etc up at torphin, where there is a big turn around (it is much better than the current place the 10 bonaly bus waits outside the bonaly corner shop totally in the way of cars in a busy area by the primary school). The number 10 bus is the bus that serves colintons amenities, it goes past colinton dr surgery, allurmuir health centre, firhill and george watsons schools, both napier university campuses, sports facilities at craiglockhart tennis club, thistle tennis club, meggetland, the local supermarket at tescos, the parish churches, the scout hall…. all the places local residents want/need to go to. The 16, well that just goes around the houses over morningside via redford and just is not a useful route at all. I never catch the 16 from princes street, it takes double the journey time to colinton, over an hour – even as a night bus, its just so long, i rarely use it. I hope this decision is reversed, it makes NO SENSE. There is no neccesity to have more frequent buses up at torphin, it will be empty, 5 buses an hour to morningside! – what is the justification by passanger numbers for that!, but taking away the 10 torphin service, a really useful well used local service that serves the local community/amenities/area is the opposite of what the council say they want people to do (which is make more people choose local journeys on public transport!!!!!). I am very unhappy. I will add that there is a huge disbelief about this decision in my local street whatsapp group (woodfield avenue) – the woodfield avenue number 10 torphin bus stop is always busy at commuter times (every day at least 15 wait at that stop).
  52. There is absolutely no need to make changes to either service.
  53. This proposed change will cause our household to drive more to save time & get where we need without time delays
  54. This change is a massive detriment to the residents of Colinton/Woodfield. The children cannot get direct bus to school, many people will have huge changes to their work commute. The no 16 coming up to Torphin does not add anything to the service. The current number 10 is an extremely popular service that many residents rely on
  55. I believe the school kids should have access to get to school or the local fitness centre without having to get two buses. Elderly people struggle a lot to get one bus without added confusion to doctor surgeries or Tesco. I would think of moving from this part of Colinton if it does not change.
  56. This proposed change is very disappointing and would make the bus service much less useful to me and my family (I live on Torphin Road). The 16 route doesn’t go to the places we frequently visit and the significant added journey time would encourage me to drive rather than take the bus – which is really not what we should be aiming for either from a congestion or environmental point of view.
  57. the 10 is a far more direct route and with kids at high school this is the best option when they don’t walk. I don’t have an issue with the 16 going to Torphin as this would improve access to morningside etc but in addition to the 10 not instead of. Saying the school kids can swap bus in the village is ridiculous as they would have to wait twice as it is unlikely that the busses will align time wise.
  58. The proposed changes will have a seriously detrimental effect on my ability to continue with normal activities including staying healthy through use of the gym.
  59. Lack of transport for school children is a significant concern as this is a very family orientated area.
  60. If we do have to have the 16, could they send a 10 to Torphin once an hour?
  61. There will be no bus for those travelling to George Watson’s. For some this will mean driving, but for some parents who work early it will mean children having to walk 5 miles into school!
  62. The current number 10 route provides a direct practical route to key area such as firhill Craiglockhart Watson and can be in prince’s Street in 30 minutes. At rush hour the 16 takes 20 minutes longer into town. These changes will simply put people off using the bus. Is there any evidence for anyone asking for these proposed changes?
  63. The no 10 from Torphin is the preferred route by most who use it to go to Craiglockhart, various schools and the West End. The no 16‘s route is not a substitute for this, especially during week days
  64. “Most ridiculous decision ever by LBs.
  65. Those most impacted are our young & old – but that’s OK according to LB, they don’t pay. Utterly disgraceful response and badly thought out. The changes effectively cut of the west side of Colinton from the most efficient route to town and our core catchment schools (Firrhill & Watsons) and adding significant journey times for Heriotts.
  66. Was there a groundswell of objections to the Torphin 10, and demand for change from residents? No.
  67. There was/is no issue with frequency.
  68. “”If it ain’t broke……”””
  69. The number 10 needs to be kept as it is to provide high school children with a safe and effective service to their education
  70. I would like the present service with increased service provision. However if that’s not possible, then increased volume of buses is likely better in the long run, I do agree that the 16 route to town takes longer therefore it’s a less preferable option for many. However you can walk to the 10 in a short amount of time. Another option would be a “”combo”” ticket for Colinton allowing people to swap for the last section if they don’t feel they cant walk the last section with increased volume of buses this might work well. Finally your survey is rather frustrating as it doesn’t represent the options particularly well. It would be good to understand more details on the logic of the 10+ 16 swap.
  71. It seems to me a hotch potch approach. The 10 service as is from Colinton to town centre is largely excellent and a flagship for Lothian buses. Surely extending the 16 to incorporate the Bonaly loop is better if costs have to be cut?
  72. Half of Colinton will double commuting time or double costs and time if changing buses.
  73. The proposed change is not a way to get people back to work, back to shopping or eating out or away from cars. Please rethink.
  74. Local children use this service to get to and from school safely.
  75. Could alternate the No10. Between Colinton and Torphin and the same with the 16. Gives both options. Not increasing frequency but maybe compromise.
  76. The service is excellent at present. The 16 takes a much longer route into town so people will be less likely to use it.
  77. Thank you for trying to sort this out Scott
  78. Foe efficiency gains, I understand if you need to cancel no 10 Bonaly route, after all its a short walk to the no 16 bus.
  79. This change will seriously inconvenience people living in parts of Colinton. The impact on the elderly will be significant. Free travel should not mean a second rate service.
  80. These “improvemens” will almost double the journey time to the centre of Edinburgh !
  81. To encourage reduction in car travel, Lothian buses should be increasing service level not making it harder. Connections to schools, sports facilities, supermarkets are essential and should be serviced more than they currently are – not less. I’d rather remove the free travel to ensure the services are as efficient as possible.
  82. “This as a terrible move for commuters and school children. The No16 takes far to long to get into the city Center and many relying on this service will add an extra hour on there day traveling or two more bus journeys to try and cut the time slightly.
  83. I would like to see the No10 servicing as it always has.”
  84. The 10 service to Torphin is essential. The number of children that use that service everyday to access all the schools on route has is amazing. If you remove this service all the children at the Torphin end of the route will be stranded. The car congestion this will create will be huge making the junction at Woodhall road and Bridge road extremely congested as the 16 route does not serve the population in this area. This is totally illogical. Please do not do this.
  85. The loss of no 10 overall frequency in this area will increase car use . No 16 is not a useful route to serve the area
  86. As a regular user of the 10 from torphin bank into town for work this would materially impact my daily travel. Also my family regularly use the service for shopping at tesco and to go to and from craiglockhart. Our children are also not far off going to Firhill High and lack of servive there would be a problem. These changes have no real positives for us from what I can see.
  87. The change means school children cannot get to school…so the free bus pass is rather meaningless.
  88. In a time when we are being encouraged to use public transport, I feel this change will force local residents to use the car to make essential journeys!
  89. At present Lothian buses provide a great service, why alter a good service?
  90. For the distance involved, it seems ridiculous to suggest that using two buses to get from eg Torphin to Firrhill is convenient or constitutes an improvement…
  91. “Residents in the Torphin area including secondary school children will no longer have a direct journey to Firrhill High School, Tescos, Craiglochart Sports Centre and Meggetland. I know you can jump off a 16 and jump on a 10 but not all residents have free bus travel. Also the possibility of standing in the rain/snow waiting for your 10 connection
  92. The journey time for Torphin residents going into the city centre will also increase. The proposed new route takes you through the bottle necks of Commiston, Morningside and Bruntsfield adding a good 15 minutes onto your journey. “
  93. This change will lead to more car use and be detrimental to the connection of our neighborhood to the city
  94. “I have selected present service rather than consultation because I am not sure that consultation will lead to a better result. It doesn’t feel like LRT is listening to us yet.
  95. I feel very concerned that LRT is proposing completely cutting the 10 service to Torphin – my family have lived here for over 25 years and historically the 10 service didn’t even go to Bonaly. People have chosen houses, flats and job based on the fast service into town and to other local facilities (e.g. Craiglockart tennis centre) and it feels very unfair that they should cut it entirely.
  96. If LRT could arrange the timetable a bit more creatively so that the 16 sometimes came to Torphin, sometimes goes to Bonaly, and even sometimes just terminates in Colinton if that saves them money, that would be better, but not at the cost of the Torphin 10.
  97. It would be ideal if perhaps one 16 an hour (or more) came to Torphin, and that we still had at least two Torphin 10s per hour, as at present.
  98. The proposed changes mean that there will be no buses from Torphin or this area of Woodhall Road to Firrhill, Craiglockhart or Polwarth and that it will take a lot longer to get into town via the number 16 bus. The increased travel time will make it very difficult for commuters like me who only just have time to see off their kids in the morning before getting the bus to work. I choose not to own a car and use the buses very frequently to get to work and to meet friends in Polwarth or to go for appointments or to shop in town. My daughters live 35-40 minutes’ walk from Firrhill High School and this walk is difficult in the winter without a bus route. If they had to change in the village along with all the other many children who get the bus into school the pavement near the GP surgery will be dangerously overcrowded. The additional cost of changing buses for the short journey to Craiglockart or Polwarth will also put lots of current bus users off making sustainable choices and mean that they end up using their cars more, causing even more congestion in these areas. So please ensure that the number 10 continues to serve Torphin at least once or twice an hour. This would be particularly important at rush hour but I think that for everyone it is important that there is at least one bus each hour throughout the day. Before the pandemic there were at least 3 buses a day from Torphin along the 10 route.
  99. Whilst I welcome there being more frequent services from Torphin via the 16 route, for the many residents who rely on the number 10 to get to work or school this change is not acceptable because the 16 route is very slow and goes via Oxgangs and Morningside and does not serve a large part of the number 10 route. I understand that LRT may need to make some economies but this could be done without cutting the route.
  100. I am passionate about the great network Lothian Buses provides and about promoting active travel – if the council wishes to encourage people not to use their cars or buy new cars then it needs to ensure that we do not lose any routes. Thank you!
  101. It’s really important that local residents are consulted on this, especially young people as this could impact their ability to get to school. I’d recommend getting in touch w the MSYPS for Edinburgh Pentlands – they might be good to try to talk to Lothian buses about young peoples views.
  102. Please keep at least one no 10 service hourly! Our family (small children, teenagers, working-age people and pensioner) use this bus a lot and the 16 is a poor substitute
  103. I am an older resident in Woodfield Avenue. It is very difficult to take a car into the city of Edinburgh, and very difficult and expensive to drive or park almost anywhere in the central or peripheral parking zones. So far I have not mastered the Ring go system. I therefore use the buses to go to Into Edinburgh or Bruntsfield, etc.utilising my wonderful bus pass (thank you for that) I can walk a reasonable distance but have moderately severe osteoarthritis, and have had two total knee replacements. Taking the number10 bus to Torphin is a great relief compared with a Number 10 Bonaly bus. In addition, I would like to draw to your attention that any children and young people attending Firrhill High school, the catchment High School, can take the number 10 from Torphin/Woodhall area directly to school. If the weather is inclement ( wet) they should not be expected to walk a long way before attending school therefore sitting in wet clothes and shoes all day. There are no lockers or changing facilities for outdoor clothes at Firrhill Secondary.

Comments from those that support the changes

  1. Due to the previous infrequent service to Bonaly we drove to Westgarth Ave for a better choice of service, polluting the air for a short journey. Those in the Torphin area can use the 16 to the village and transfer to the no 10 which will still allow access to Firhill and other amenities.
  2. Happy with increased frequency of both
  3. I live in East Colinton/Bonaly so can only see a benefit of this change to me personally.
  4. I live in Bonaly so the increased frequency of the 10 is welcomed.
  5. Good for people in Bonaly, while not good for those in Woodhall / Torphin.
  6. Your commentary leaves me with the impression that you’re not really bothered by Bonaly residents or their needs, an impression you’ve given me on a number of occasions. The current bus service to Bonaly is woeful, especially given we live up a steep hill. Three services an hour for Bonaly might actually make the bus a viable alternative to driving. [Note from Scott – In my election address I give a specific commitment to “Protect and improve the number 10 bus service, particularly at peak times and in the evenings” and have been working with Bonaly residents for some time on the issue. ]
  7. You will never please everyone but a more frequent service must be a plus! The 16 route gives direct access to Morningside/Bruntsfield for banking, supermarket, cinema etc and would also give access to the No5 at oxgangs going to Newington for Queens Hall etc.
  8. You will never be able to please everyone but a more frequent service must be a plus.
  9. This will give a more frequent service and will enable easier travel to Morningside etc. for shops, banks, restaurants etc. No easy answers!
  10. At the moment, despite what Lothian Buses have assured me isn’t happening, Bonaly only has one bus per hour between morming and evening rush hour. All the rest go to Torphin. This isn’t acceptable. Going back to every second bus coming to Bonaly would seem to be the best option for everyone.


3 thoughts on “Initial Poll Results – Changes to 10 & 16 Bus Service

  1. Would it not be better to change the Bonaly 10 to the 16 rather than the Torphin 10 as the Bonaly 10 already is on part of the same route as the 16?


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