Oxgangs House Investment

It is long overdue, but the Council has now published plans to invest almost £4m in Oxgangs House. This will transfer the block into modern looking efficient Council homes. Privately owned homes will not have to take part in parts of the upgrade, but the owners will have to contribute to the costs of the improvements to the shared elements. Grants will be available to help owners with costs.

A survey has confirmed that the building is structurally sound but requires significant planned investment of up to £3.5m with the cost of essential and medium-term repairs estimated at £1.6m. This estimated budget cost would be confirmed by tendering the proposed works.

The report recommends common works which include repairs to substructure walls, roofs structure and covering, render replacement to external walls, repairs to walkway ceilings, balustrades and handrails in common areas, external drainage, external window and doors and common area lighting. Additionally, the survey report recommends significant works to upgrade the mechanical and electrical installations within the properties.

The Council will be delivering a newsletter to all doors at Oxgangs House this week, and will follow up with the first direct letters to owners in the next two weeks.

If you live in Oxgangs House, please get in touch if you have any questions.


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