Changes to the roundabout at Hunters Tryst

Following feedback from local residents, below is a summary of proposed changes to the Hunters Tryst roundabout (junction of New Swanston & Oxgangs Road). The work will start on the 14th of February.

Update from Senior Engineer, Traffic Signs
I had a meeting with CEC Road Safety Tuesday this week and Hunter Tryst roundabout was discussed further.

[To protect the privacy of those concerned, I’ve removed details of an incident which took place just after 3pm on Monday, April 26 – the cause appears unknown]

The following highway maintenance work is required to be carried out in due course and will bring the junction up to current ‘well maintained highway’ regulation standards however, the maintenance work required to be carried out is not considered to be a contributory factor of the road traffic accident:-

  1. Road Operations to ensure any faded road markings are refreshed and consider the installation of ‘slow’ road markings on all approaches if not so already.
  2. Traffic Signs to ensure any faded sign faces are replaced (there would appear to be one faded roundabout sign at New Swantson junction approach but can still be read)
  3. Lighting to ensure the x lights on the roundabout traffic signs and adjacent lighting columns are working.
  4. Other issues raised and considered in the interests of public safety.

The installation of a warning sign on the Oxgangs Road south approach was considered but could not be justified as there is adequate driver visibility 45 meters in advance of the roundabout traffic sign at the give way line on Oxgangs Road south approach to the roundabout at Hunters Tryst.

There is no justification to consider any junction realignments taking account of the above information and nature of the road traffic accident.

Question – Taking account of current commitments when do you estimate the signs maintenance work will be carried out on site, please update Vivian direct thanks?

The signs work is being organised for week ending 18 February 2022- PK Traffic Signs

3 thoughts on “Changes to the roundabout at Hunters Tryst

  1. If you regularly use that roundabout as I do you will likely be familiar that just after the roundabout on Oxgangs Road going Northbound on the entrance to the cycle lane a silver Volkswagen Polo is parked there everyday causing an obstruction that you have to swerve around if cycling. Is there anything at all that can be done about that?


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