Redford Road (Colinton) Speeding Update

Many thanks for the residents living along the Redford Road who took part in my recent survey relating to speeding on Redford Road. This followed me sharing data the Council collected which indicated that 15% of vehicles are travelling at over 35mph, and that over a one week period 9 drivers were recorded as traveling at over 70mph! Following this there has been a serious accident on the road at the junction with Redford Drive.

My survey of residents living along the route found that:

  1. 88% said they were concerned about speeding on the road (see attached).
  2. 5% said no safety improvements were needed.
  3. 47% said they wanted better speed enforcement.
  4. 61% wanted an improved pedestrian environment
  5. 28% wanted a safer environment for cyclists.

I have to stress that only 66 people took part in the survey, so actual local opinions may be stronger or weaker than these statistics suggest. Nonetheless, I think this quote from a local mum sums up what some people feel:  

Vehicles speed up and down this road daily. It’s so concerning to me as I have a young family. We live [locally] and cars come off the Redford road and speed along daily, even at school drop off times when they are dropping their own kids at school. It makes no sense.

I have spoken to the Council again on this issue, and on the Redford Road/Drive junction they say:

In the latest available 3 year period to the end of June 2021 there were no personal injury collisions reported to the Police on Redford Road at the junction with Redford Drive. Please note that the collision retrieval undertaken and any data provided is accurate as of 15 November 2021. The current collision history does not support the introduction of physical traffic calming measures at this location.

On the speed of vehicles, they say Redford Road will be included in a planned review:

…we are undertaking a review of streets that have a 30mph speed limit and Redford Road will be considered as part of this process. Following the review, it is planned to carry out a public consultation on the proposals next year. The consultation will be promoted widely in the Press, on the Council website and on social media to raise awareness and encourage people to take part.

I will ensure local people are kept involved with this process, and I will request that the promised review will consider the wider issues along the route.


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