Braid/Comiston Road Spaces for People Scheme Survey now LIVE

I was informed by a resident yesterday evening the Braid/Comiston Road SfP survey is now live – the results of this will inform the ongoing review.

I was very disappointed not to have been informed by the Council that survey was going live. Additionally, I received no replies to my request to comment on the survey design. Nor was I allowed to see the area from which residents will be permitted to participate (it is shown on the above map which I received today after complaining).

My view is that the number of households being invited to respond from the Buckstone Terrace area is wholly inadequate, and does not compare well with the approach taken along the Lanark Road where a number of side streets were included.

People living outside the survey area can’t take part, and when I asked about how this was monitored (for the Lanark Road survey) I received this response – “Participants of the survey are required to supply name, surname, postcode and email address. This will allow the us to determine if the participants are from the area or not. Regarding the integrity of the survey, we are managing the risk of this happening proportionately by introducing these required fields as it make it much more difficult for someone to fake a response at scale – to submit a hundred fake responses you would need a hundred valid postcodes, a hundred emails and a hundred names.”

A copy of the survey and the letter to residents is below, but please don’t respond if you have not been invited to do so. I’m working to have the area enlarged.


3 thoughts on “Braid/Comiston Road Spaces for People Scheme Survey now LIVE

  1. So in respect of both surveys how do the council know how many people live at the address obviously if live alone you get single occupancy council tax discount but otherwise could be number of people .the surveys still appear to to open to anyone outside relevant areas .


  2. I do not live there but use the road as a route home from work after nightshift. Its become impossible and traffic is at a standstill not to mention no room at all for emergency vehicles to pass. Also the amount of emissions must have increased massively due to idling cars for hours on end at busy times of day. It makes no sense, at all, and must be very difficult to live beside


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