Final Plans – Lanark Road, Longstone Road and Inglis Green Road

11-Jan-2021 Update
Linked below are final plans for the Lanark Road SfP Scheme. The Council say: “Following feedback received the measures have been adapted to maximise the available parking as far as safely can be provided with loading bays being retained. A letter will be sent to residents along the route with a link to the plans which will be added to the Council website.” 

20-Dec-2020 Update.
Linked below are latest plans for the Lanark Road SfP Scheme.

09-Nov-2020 Blog Entry.
Linked below is the Council’s report on the hundreds of comments received in response to the proposed Lanark Road, Longstone Road and Inglis Green Road Spaced for People Scheme.

The report confirms that “over 300 emails [were] received both in favour and against“, but does not note the balance of opinion (I have asked for that information). It does note, however, that a “public petition with over 1,000 signatures opposing the proposals was submitted to Councillors on 12 October“.

It appears that many comments have been dismissed or dealt with superficially – this is particularly true of comments raised by Community Councils and disability groups.

For example, the Edinburgh Access Panel say: “Please ensure the provision of access and parking for blue badge holders in the roads affected by your proposals is at least equivalent to the current provision“. The Council simply responds saying: “Parking and Loading access has been retained as far as possible”.

It appears that Lothian Buses were not consulted.


One thought on “Final Plans – Lanark Road, Longstone Road and Inglis Green Road

  1. This is a complete waste of money. There are not that many cyclists wishing to use this route. The disruption to householders and businesses will be detrimental in so many ways. The way the Council are rushing this through without any formal consultation highlights the fact that they know this proposal is one which will be widely criticised by local residents. Covid will not be around forever and life will go back to normal and these changes will then be proved to be fundamentally flawed as they do not help many people live their daily lives. Nor do they account for the exercise that is taken in Dovecot Park by so many which will become difficult if not impossible. I strongly ask the council to reconsider.


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