Phase 1 of the Spaces for People Scheme on the A702

Phase 1 of the Spaces for People Scheme on the A702 looks to be more or less complete, and is being respected by most people. Issues from a cyclist (me) perspective:

  1. The new bus lane on the approach to Fairmilehead Crossroads is a bit of a free-for-all at times. A sign noting the hours of operation may help.
  2. Entering the cycle lane heading north after Pentland View is not easy due to the narrow/angled entry.
  3. There are no “wands” in place on the approach to Greenbank junction.
  4. . The wands make it far harder to merge with traffic when turning right.

The Council say it is committed to listening to suggestions from residents, drivers, cyclists, pedestrians and businesses on how the scheme can be improved. Please forward suggestions to and feel free to copy me in (Scott.Arthur@Edinburgh.Gov.UK).

Image from @LTSI_Lesley on Twitter

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