Comiston Road & Braid Road SfP Project – Update following Ward Cllr Liaison Meeting

Below is an update from Council Officers following Friday’s meeting. I understand that the Transport Convener had a briefing following the “Design Risk Assessment Review” and based on this the project was permitted to proceed without a Road Safety Audit being undertaken. I am disappointed that this briefing has not been shared with Councillors which represent the area, and that we were not involved in the decision making process. The request for a meeting with residents has also went unanswered.

Update 1 [12-08-2020] – I asked about the target date for completing the works which will trigger the next Braid Road review: “It is difficult to give an exact date at the moment. W e intend to take the Greenbank Crossroads to Meadows scheme to Notification next week. Assuming it is approved for delivery the following week we would then work with a contractor to develop a programme for delivery. Once we have a better idea of timelines I will be happy to circulate an update.”

Update 2 [14-08-2020] – “This is just a quick email to let you know that our start date on Comiston Road has been pushed back slightly to Thursday 20th of August. The reason for this is that Markon – the lining contractor – have experienced some unexpected difficulties on certain parts of the Ferry Road Spaces for People scheme where they are currently working.

Update 3 [17-08-2020] – I have still not seen the updated plans for the project, but I understand the total cost is £115,000. Lothian Buses are saying they will only have 250mm clearance on the route – Perhaps if the Council had undertaken the Road Safety Audit as I requested this would have been spotted.

Update 4 [20-08-2020] – (1) The project is now delayed until WB 24-08-2020 due to “snagging issues on Ferry Road”. (2) A further review of the Braid Road closure has been agreed. Thankfully, this will do what we have all wanted for some time and will consider the interaction with the Comiston Road scheme. (3) I now have the updated plans and they are linked below – the key change appears to be the loss of parking outside Scottish Water’s offices to accommodate a bus lane.

Update following Ward Cllr Liaison Meeting
Comiston Road
A design risk review has been undertaken endeavouring to consider all points of concern that have been raised regarding the project designs, and the Designers Risk Assessment has been updated accordingly.

The designs have been updated slightly in some places to respond to this, namely:

  • The bus stop adjacent to Braid Hills Road in Phase 2 has been slightly relocated further from the junction to improve visibility splays
  • Parking bays have been widened to 2.5m
  • The cycle crossing of Comiston Springs Avenue has been updated to provide clear priority for cycles over turning vehicles

In addition, in response to suggestions from Lothian Buses we are now proposing to introduce a Bus Lane southbound on the approach to the Frogston/ Oxgangs Road crossroads.

I will circulate updated Phase 1 and 2 designs shortly.

Construction of Phase 1 of Comiston Road will now commence on Monday 17 August. The delay is due to minor delays experienced by the contractor on completing the Ferry Road Spaces for People scheme where they are currently working.

Braid Road
A review of the Braid Road closure has taken place. It has been decided that Braid Road will remain closed at least until after the implementation of both the Comiston Road cycleway, and the continuing route between Greenbank Crossroads and the Meadows. At such a time as both of these projects have been implemented and bedded in a further review of Braid Road will take place giving full consideration to the traffic situation at that time.


4 thoughts on “Comiston Road & Braid Road SfP Project – Update following Ward Cllr Liaison Meeting

  1. The bollards are not needed, achieve little to nothing and are another obstruction on a busy thoroughfare. Braid Road should be reopened immediately. A valued local route and the traffic congestion created on Comiston Road is so infuriating for us local residents.


  2. This whole scheme is a total farce and linked with the Braid road closure will create extremely severe congestion into Morningside.I do wish residents had been consulted on these moves before they were forced upon us by what appears to be a very Dictatorial decision. Having contacted my Councillor I found he and many others were not informed of the arrangements at any time until after the decision had been taken.


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