Update from the Council on the proposed changes to Comiston Road (AKA Buckstone/Pentland Terrace)

Below is an update from the Council on the proposed changes to Comiston Road (AKA Buckstone/Pentland Terrace) – it takes the form of an invite to a meeting on Friday.

 I am disappointed that I have been given less than two day’s notice of this meeting and that work will start just four working days after that despite the acceptance that there are many unanswered questions.

I have asked if residents or the Community Council will be permitted to attend the meeting. Additionally, I have asked again if a copy of the Road Safety Audit be made available to Councillors.

06.08.20 Update 1 – The Council have not yet provided the Road Safety Audit but they have forwarded the “Designers Risk Assessment for this project”. Please let me know if you want any risks added:

06.08.20 Update 2 – The Council have agreed to my request that Community Councils attend the meeting, but have refused to let local residents contribute: “It was agreed at an early stage that the SfP programme would not be subject to the normal consultation processes and instead would focus on expedited engagement with Stakeholders – including ward Cllrs and other key groups such as Community Councils. Residents are not invited to attend the meeting.”

06.08.20 Update 3 – The Council have confirmed there is little scope to change the plans: “…the intention of the meeting is to answer questions on the project. The project designs have been amended in several locations following the notifications process, mostly to increase the amount of available on street parking and also to reduce the speed limit from 40mph to 30mph.”

Please accept this invitation to a Microsoft Teams meeting to discuss the Comiston Road Spaces for People project.

As you are aware this project was approved by the Council’s CIMT for delivery on the 17th of July. Following approval for delivery we have been working on appointing a contractor for Phase 1 of this scheme which will involve lining and ‘Orange Cylinders’ in advance of full delivery later in Autumn.

This project is due to commence on site on Thursday 13 August and will be the second to be delivered from the ‘Travelling Safely’ section of Spaces for People, following Ferry Road which commenced on site on Monday 3August.

We are aware of various queries and concerns which have been raised by local councillors and residents regarding this project. The aim of this meeting will be to answer questions on the project proposals, and outline the anticipated project programme moving forward.

For ease I have attached the post CIMT Notification Letter for this project, which includes the approval form. You can also find the designs for Phase 1, and Phase 2 at the links below.

We hope that you are able to join us and that you find this meeting interesting and useful.

Phase 1 – Commencing Thursday 13th Aug

Phase 2 – Commencing later in Autumn

Thanks a lot, we look forward to speaking with you soon.


2 thoughts on “Update from the Council on the proposed changes to Comiston Road (AKA Buckstone/Pentland Terrace)

  1. Lunatics in the planning office in action –traffic flow will totally stop !

    GET BRAID ROAD OPEN -it is pure LUNACY to have this shut .

    Speeds have been reduced –cyclists go faster than cars now –what a total waste of time and MONEYwith these inane plans

    Stop this before it totally ruins Edinburgh totally.

    David Hardie


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