The false battle between cyclists and motorists in Edinburgh

Evening News reader Gail Keating correctly highlights (letters, 30.07.2020) how it is unacceptable for cyclists to cycle on the footpath or break the 20mph speed limit. 

Whilst I agree with these points absolutely, if we want safer streets we have to accept that the vast majority of people who are breaking the speed limit in Edinburgh are driving cars. I expect that virtually all of us who stick to the 20mph limit whilst driving would have experienced aggressive behaviour from other drivers who think the limit simply does not apply to them.

Likewise, people cycling on the footpath is not a common occurrence in most places. However, cars and vans parked on the pavement have become normalised in recent years. As well as damaging the footpath, this activity often forces people in wheelchairs or pushing buggies on to the road to bypass the parked vehicle. 

So let’s not turn improving road safety into a battle between cyclists and motorists, as too often it is really a fight between selfish people and the rest of us. If you own a car or bike, be responsible and keep its wheels on the road and stick to the speed limit. 

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