Proposed– Local Town Centres – Morningside and Bruntsfield Town Centres

Not my Ward, but below is the information going out to local stakeholders in Morninghside/Bruntsfield about changes proposed to make the shopping area safer for pedestrians.

In Edinburgh, shopping and leisure uses are mainly provided in a network of centres distributed across the city. Out with the City Centre, town centres serve as a focal point for local communities providing a diverse mix of shopping facilities and other commercial and community services.

On 18 June the Scottish Government confirmed that, from 29 June, shops with outdoor entrances can reopen. To support this positive change, we are proposing an initial phase of measures targeted to quickly address some of the most pressing issues that people and businesses have told us about. These relate to the narrowness of pavements and street clutter which cause difficulties in achieving safe physical distancing.  

In this first phase of proposals we aim to create additional space on routes within Morningside and Bruntsfield  town centres by widening footways, removing guardrails and street clutter. To widen footways we need to suspend all parking places (apart from loading bays and Disabled persons’ parking places). The streets being considered for these proposals are illustrated in the attached map.   

The second phase of proposals, which we will share in the coming weeks, will focus on more strategic and complex measures relating to traffic reduction  and aiding cycling and public transport provision. Proposals will also align, where possible, with further announcements around the opening of food and drink establishments. We will continue to work with business representatives and individual businesses on how measures can best support town centres as part of the city’s economic recovery. It is essential that the needs of residents and businesses are taken into account as we progress measures benefitting the health, wellbeing and prosperity of the city and region.

The proposed measures  are part of an overall emergency requirement to re-designate key parts of the road network to facilitate safe travel while meeting physical distancing requirements.  Such measures are required urgently to help prevent people from becoming ill or coming to harm by infection from COVID-19 whilst implementing physical distancing requirements.  

These measures will be implemented under emergency delegated decision-making powers using a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order.

Given the urgent nature of these works, normal expectations about community consultations cannot be fulfilled. We urge you to get in touch within five working days or earlier should you want to raise any issues. If you do not have any concerns it would be beneficial if you could also email to let us know.  This means we will have responses from all stakeholders and this helps to inform the process.

Please note that the deadline for submitting comments is 5.00pm on Friday 26 June 2020.

If the proposal is agreed for implementation, formal publicity will then be undertaken so that local people are aware of the changes. A dedicated inbox will help us to manage any feedback around proposals.

All comments will be reviewed and summarised in the assessment feedback note to the Council Incident Management Team.  Please note that we will not be able to respond to individual emails.

16 thoughts on “Proposed– Local Town Centres – Morningside and Bruntsfield Town Centres

  1. completely unnecessary when the 2 metre rule is being reviewed. this is just an excuse to disadvantage motorists. this will also impact local shops by reducing shoppers from outside this area

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  2. I think it’s great. Just need to make sure that if they reduce “street clutter” they keep spaces to park bikes. re: motorists they should all go in the town centre anyway, unless you have a valid reason for which you should ask for a permit.


  3. Excellent ! Any measures that improve the enviroment for pedestrians can only help to increase footfall, hence more business.


  4. Do NOT waste our money that we have all paid in tax and rates on IDIOTIC street disruption—Give the local people some credit for behaving in an orderly and safe fashion —IF we can go into shops and up aisles in supermarkets ,we can walk on pavements with PPE on if we prefer –we will not spit ,cough or sneeze at people and we can face to the side if people come towards us. The last thing we need is ECO transport plans to be filtered in under the Guise of Covid. We have been totally over controlled by government on this and need to put up a stance to get Scotland back working –we are 4 weeks behind England and many large and small businesses are going to fail with many people s economic and mental health going to suffer which will bring the Economy down further . Scotland needs to work – and we need to get transport back to do deliveries to the Businesses that are trying to revive from the depths of despair–there is bags of room for cyclists and walkers –and possibly cyclists should be asked to remain on roads ,not pavements.
    Car and Van drivers speeds have been curtailed rightly so ,and although they are not adhered to as drivers will admit it has slowed us down and especially at school areas and during school finishing and starting times , speeds must be at 20mph.

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  5. I totally agree with the previous comment – completely unnecessary when the 2 metre rule is being reviewed. this is just an excuse to disadvantage motorists. this will also impact local shops by reducing shoppers from outside this area. Please do not go ahead with this unnecessary “improvement”

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  6. It is difficult. Maybe removing pavement clutter and introducing a oneway system on the pavements will help. If the social distance is reduced….there won’t be much point in widening pavements…and.the road is already quite narrow for traffic.


  7. The council have an anti car obsession without offering any genuine alternative forms of transport. Edinburgh isn’t Amsterdam. The inclement weather and abundance of hills mean cycling will always have limited appeal. If you really want people out of their cars the reopen Morningside railway station.

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  8. I disagree with the proposal. As a local shopkeeper we have been closed for 13 weeks. We need support from the local council (not added obstacles) as we try to re-establish trade when we re-open next week. If the proposals go ahead they will cause major disruptions with road works everywhere, preventing customers reaching the shops. The businesses will then fail and there will be no “town centre” left to protect. The period from 29 June to Christmas will be particularly crucial.
    In addition, we know from other small towns where Bypasses are created that the town centre very quickly fails as shops need passing trade for their survival. I would argue that the Bruntsfield / Morningside High Street is one of the best independent High Streets in Scotland – don’t let it fail. The general public are very aware of the need to use social distancing. Let businesses work with the public to make it work. Very quickly we will see social distancing being reduced to 1m when it will become much easier. We do not have the climate for outdoor eating and drinking so wider pavements don’t help us – making sure people can pop in when they are passing is what we need and what we have – don’t change it.


  9. Not really much point in having a consultation with retailers who all said it would have a detrimental effect on the viability of retailing in an already difficult climate. If we lose shops now we may never get them back just because of a desire to take advantage of a health crisis to further an anti-car agenda! People will have to shop more often as they will have to carry everything home and loading bays will be used by cars(as they are now) meaning deliveries will be difficult and may have to be moved along pavements for longer creating extra dangers. How about giving people credit for being intelligent enough to be able to look after themselves and others as is happening now.


  10. Please can we deal with things in an ADULT fashion as our bleedin ‘ FM keeps saying –leave things alone as regards roads –GIVE the Scots people some chance to prove we are not completely thick, uncouth and keen to spread germs –we have been respecting others space and have not been sneezing ,coughing ,spitting at other people during this time -even the English Pub goers seemed to show a mallum of decency this weekend –leave things alone and stop COW TOWING to this virus –DO NOT let the bike brigade completely take over completely –how do deliveries and tradespeople supply and work in these areas with these plans –GIVE the eco planners one inch to get their pedestrianisation and full cycle routes in place ,and all businesses will die in town suburbs and centres. Yes it was a terrible tragedy last week and there is no one who was not deeply hurt by the incident and our thoughts are genuinely with the Family and the driver BUT in general if cars and vans keep it slow , and cyclists play ball and don t jump lights or go on the pavement and pedestrians use the crossing points and islands we can all live together in harmony. Let s respect each other s space .


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