A Survey – Safer Travel for all in Colinton, Oxgangs & Fairmilehead

The Scottish Government have given Councils £10m to improve travel safety during the Covid-19 crisis and in the recovery phase. This is really to solve two problems:

  1. Lots of people have embraced healthier lifestyles – more walking, jogging and cycling. However, footpaths are often too congested for people to keep a safe distance from others when walking and many cyclists are finding the roads unsafe.
  2. As the lockdown lifts, it appears unlikely (in the short term at least) that people will go back to using the bus as they did before. The Council therefore wants to make the city safer to walk and cycle.

I have received some ideas from local residents for making travel around my Ward safer for everyone. In short, these focus on making residential areas safer and improving safety for cyclists on key arterial routs through (and into) my Ward. Before I speak to the Council about this, I wanted to give people a chance to rate the ideas and make further suggestions of their own via this survey. 

You can find the survey here.

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