Understanding the desire to reduce the speed limit on 40mph roads in my Ward to 30mph.

Against Change

  1. None of them, just leave them as is…..
  2. Given that the set limit is completely and utterly ignored minute by minute hour by hour and day by day on Braid Road for its entire length and you know this to be a fact due to you living in Buckstone. All reducing the speed does is enable you and others like the invisible Cllr [names removed] etc to say you have done something when in fact you have achieved nothing, see Braid Road any day any time. Thanks for the opportunity to vent , we have given up on everything else. 20mph a complete joke.
  3. Nothing wrong with existing speed limits. Difficult to do 40mph most times in any case and accident figures don’t justify a cut in the limit.
  4. I would like all roads to stay 40mph.

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