Edinburgh’s 2019 Festive Waste & Christmas Tree Collection Briefing


Below is a briefing from the Council on festive waste collection, Christmas tree uplift, special uplifts and recycling centre opening times.  Well done to all the staff keeping this service running over the festive period. 

Bin collection arrangements have been confirmed for the festive period as follows:

  1. There will be no collections on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, instead residents due a collection on those dates should put their bins out on the dates shown in the table below.
  2. There will be extended collection days for residents due to have kerbside collections on 26 December 2019 and 2 January 2020.
  3. There will be no garden waste collections between 16 December 2019 and 13 January 2020.
  4. All other collections will run as normal.
  5. We’ll accept small amounts of extra waste that can’t fit in bins, but it must be placed neatly beside the bin.

Changes to kerbside collections and when residents should put their bins out are outlined in the table below.

Bin tables

Christmas tree recycling

  1. Residents don’t need a garden waste permit to have their tree recycled.
  2. Trees can be taken to any of our three recycling centres.
  3. We’ll also be collecting trees on designated dates for each street. Residents should look up their street on our festive dates web page later in December to find out which day we’re collecting in their street and what they need to do.
  4. Christmas trees will be collected in streets that have no garden waste collections between 7 and 10 January 2020. Trees should be put out on the
    pavement without blocking access, with their bases removed, for collection by
    6am on 7 January and we will collect them by 10 January 2020.
  5. Christmas trees will be collected in streets that have a garden waste collection
    between 13 and 31 January 2020. Trees should be cut up, base removed, and
    put in the brown bin for collection by 6am on the street’s designated collection


Household waste recycling centres
There are changes to opening hours at recycling centres over the festive period.
Residents are advised to check the opening hours on our website before they travel
to a centre. In the event of severe weather we may need to close the centres at short
notice – this will be communicated via our corporate social media channel.

Bin table2

Special uplifts
There will be no special uplifts from Monday 23 December 2019 to Friday 3 January
2020. Normal service will resume on Monday 6 January 2020.

Collection calendars
Bin collection calendars for 2020 will be available on our website at the end of
December. Printed copies will be sent to the home addresses of residents who use
our assisted collections service.

Communications campaign
A multi-channel communications campaign is planned to run during December to:

  1. advise residents about:
    • changes to collections and waste services during the festive period; and
    • how to recycle their Christmas trees.
  2. encourage people to ‘go green’ this Christmas by cutting down on the amount of
    packaging they buy and recycling as much waste as possible.

As part of the campaign a letter will be sent to 75,000 residents (on 13 December
2019) who are due a kerbside collection on Christmas Day/New Year’s Day and
Boxing Day/2 January 2020. At the same time letters will also be sent to residents on
our assisted collection service alongside a copy of their 2020 bin calendar.
Any service delays during the festive period will be communicated via Twitter and
our website (@edinhelp and @Edinburgh_CC).

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