Briefing – Water Flowing on to Oxgangs Green


Below is a briefing on the water flowing on to Oxgangs Green I received  from Manor Estates Housing Association (see image I took earlier in the year).   The plans show the route of the fresh water pipe through the area. At the current time, the problem is not believed to be related to the Hunter’s Tryst School site (housebuilding starts in March 2020)  – but it is suspected the pipe itself emanates from within the historic/listed well heads within the old school grounds. I have made everyone involved  aware that the water froze this week and posed a real risk to pedestrians.

We were first made aware of this problem during mid-August 2019 when David Hood Consultants working in the adjacent old school ground informed Manor Estates they were attempting to repair water leakage from what appeared to be a historic fresh water underground supply pipe discharged from the historic well head within the old school grounds.

The consultant informed us they had employed a specialist drainage contractor to video the underground pipe from the old school ground downhill to a manhole located in Manor Estates communal ground at corner of road junction with Oxgangs Green & Oxgangs Avenue.

We believe the route of this underground pipe passes underneath the communal estate grass area adjacent to 2 Oxgangs Green.

Unconfirmed information provided by the specialist drainage contractor who previously carried jetting of the pipe followed by a video survey indicated the fresh water pipe appeared to be broken with collapse somewhere between the adjacent church hall boundary lines and downstream towards the manhole located close toward the roadway junction. 

After some discussions and at our persistence Scottish Water did attended site on Friday 8 November 2019 and had taken a water sample from water on the entrance footpath of your block, results from the water testing confirmed this water is non chlorinated fresh water therefore not water that could be leaking from any Scottish Water pipe network.

We are currently in negotiations with Scottish Water to establish who is responsible for maintenance and repair to this section of pipe.


I propose to keep you informed again by letter once further clarity over ownership & who may be responsibility for repair becomes known to the Association.

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