Briefing – Raising a further £150k from catering concessions in Edinburgh’s parks.


An example of a catering concession.

Below is a briefing on the plan to raise a further £150k from catering concessions in Edinburgh’s parks. In my Ward , I understand Spylaw & Colinton Mains Parks are being considered – I have asked that the Community Councils are consulted. If there is community support, I have nothing against this. However, I hope it’s ice cream and coffee, rather than burgers and chips that are sold. 

To deliver a city-wide Parks, Greenspace and Cemeteries service we are required to generate more income.  An additional £150,000 from catering concessions operating within our parks is required for 2019/20 and while a re-tendering of existing concessions has contributed to the total more income is urgently required.

In support, Park Officers have identified local parks as having potentially suitable locations for hosting catering concessions:

The intention would be to allow a small/medium sized temporary mobile catering unit within each park to sell food and drinks from a location agreed by the Park Officer.   The concessions will be for one-year running July-June with options to extend for a further 2 years.

Tenderers will be invited to provide a service that will:

  • be sensitive to the historic and/or greenspace that they occupy
  • provide an inviting environment which adds to the location in which they operate
  • offer a range of high quality food and beverages at a range of prices
  • offer a choice of healthy food and drink options
  • support locally sourced and Scottish produce and products
  • be proactive in taking measures to be environmentally responsible

I hope that you will be supportive of this initiative as it is an important aspect of income generation for the service and it will provide a valuable presences and resource within each park.


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