Dr Scott Arthur

Update – Boatel Planning Application outside Boroughmuir High School, Edinburgh


The plan to have “boatels” on the canal outside Boroughmuir High School came before the planning committee this week.

376 representations were received, of which 374 are were OBJECTIONS, including those from Tollcross Community Council, the Gilmore Place and Lochrin Residents’ Association, local residents, school parents and boat owners. Despite this, it was recommended to the Committee that planning permission be GRANTED.

As a Councillor for the Ward the school sits within, Gavin Corbett asked that a planning “hearing” was held. This would have given Community Groups and the BHS Parent Council the chance to make their case to the committee, but the request was refused. Given the extent of the opposition to this proposal, declining a hearing simply helps undermine local democracy. Many BHS parents (I am one), were keen that a hearing was held so this decision can be subjected to detailed public scrutiny.

If you watch the video, however, you will see that it was concluded that the decision be “continued” (i.e. delayed) so that a site visit can be undertaken.

However, Cllr Corbett is reporting that the visit will be just 15 minutes long – 4pm – 4:15pm on the 1st of May. Nonetheless, I want to thank Cllr Corbett for all the work he has done on this.

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