Jan 4th 2018 Edinburgh Bin Briefing – They hope to catch up next week.


Below is the latest update from Council Officers on the ongoing waste/recycling collection problems. The aim is to get things back to “normal” by Tuesday. 

Best wishes to all for the new year. A brief note to advise that our collections will be continuing throughout the weekend across all waste streams in order for us to return to a normal collection schedule at the start of next week (Tuesday). The message remains the same – leave your bins out for collection.

We have now come to the end of the holiday period and as I stated earlier this week, our plan was to remain at `one day behind schedule`, and we have managed to maintain that on the main landfill and DMR (dry mixed recycling) collections, unfortunately we are behind with food waste and glass collections, but our aim is to be clean for Tuesday also in these areas.

I do have a concern with our communal glass collections and have spoken with our external contractor to ensure the communal glass hot spots are taken care of over the weekend, so hopefully we will see a difference here, on checking today, we have major volumes to collect here and our contractor was, and always has been aware of this at this time of year.

Christmas trees are starting to appear in larger numbers and we have several teams out this weekend and in the coming days from both waste and cleansing to assist with this clearance.

Finally, I understand everyone’s frustration with our collections and I am sure you can all understand our frustrations as well, we are however, using every possible resource we can lay our hands on to return to schedule in the second week of the year.

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