Why Edinburgh can always do more to deal with littering & fly-tipping.

unnamed.jpgThe Evening News must be congratulated for today raising the problems our Capital faces in relation to littering and fly-tipping. I’m lucky in my Ward as I have a few residents who set aside their time to pick up litter left by others. Their work helps  ensure the area I represent remains the very best place in Edinburgh to live, work and bring up a family.

All of them are, however, frustrated by how the Council is finding it increasingly difficult to empty litter bins. Indeed, it is not uncommon for me to report two or three over flowing litter bins in a single day.

At last week’s Transport and Environment Committee, however, it became clear that matters may be about to get worse. In order to improve “efficiency”, it appears that bins in our parks and public spaces will be moved to entrances. In my own Ward, Friends of Fairmilehead Park are concerned that moving the litter bin away from the playpark area to the entrance may lead to more litter in the park. Many other parks will be in the same position.

Fly-tipping is another area where the Council could do more. Does anyone seriously think that the plan to charge for garden waste will not generate more fly-tipping?

Similarly, the Council currently charges  £5 per item to uplift unwanted bulky things like sofas. This is a charge many hard-up households in my Ward simply can’t afford. Recently in Oxgangs I worked with the Council to have bulky items uplifted for free over a two day period. This was a huge success, and will be repeated. Nonetheless, between these events many in my ward must struggle to find the £5 needed to have items uplifted.

So whilst fly-tipping and littering is unacceptable, the Council can always do more to help manage it.

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