Why young Scots are turning to Labour.


I felt myself bursting with pride as I read Ash Denham’s propaganda, sorry, opinion piece promoting the marvellous benefits of our glorious SNP Government. Long live the nationalist revolution!

We are assured that the SNP will “roll out” unspecified “innovative and transformative” policies and we can look forward to  “new ideas and solutions” to the unspecified “challenges Scotland is facing now and will face in the years to come”. Forward, to the victory of nationalism!

Better still, Ms Denham tells us that the SNP will make “the world a better place for our children and young people to grow-up into”  and we are told “nothing exemplifies this commitment more than the baby box.”

Of course, there is nothing bad about the baby box – why shouldn’t every child get the same box of free stuff at birth rather than focusing scarce resources on those that need it most? Who cares if Nicola Sturgeon’s own poverty advisor called it a “gimmick”, that the project is hugely over-budget or that there are allegations of a lack of evaluation due to it being politically driven?

So why has Ash Denham used what cynics say is an over-budget politically driven gimmick as something that “exemplifies” the SNP’s commitment to young Scots? Perhaps because young people are starting to see the damage a decade of the SNP has done to their lives?

Ms Denham wants to talk about the “baby box generation”, but what about the generation of Scots that are being let down due to the damage the nationalists have done to education? What about the generation of young Scots, particularly single mums, that have been denied a place at college? What about those university students from the poorest households that had their grants cut by the SNP?

This betrayal is why young people are returning to Labour. They know we won’t cut school budgets or hold back the poorest, we’ll do all we can to ensure every young Scot can reach their full potential. They know that with the SNP they get mediocrity, and with Labour they get real change.

There’s a buzz amongst young people in our meetings and on the doorstep. They are seeing the Labour party as the radical party who will deliver real change, not gimmicks.

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