Gordon MacDonald MSP is facing both ways on the Currie High School / WHEC merger.


Gordon MacDonald MSP is perfectly entitled to propose his alternative to the planned merger of Currie High School and WHEC in South West Edinburgh. He should keep in mind, however, that the City of Edinburgh Council’s hands are largely tied due to his willingness to vote in Holyrood to have our Capital’s budget cut year-on-year.

Whilst I am simply bemused by his willingness to back cuts then oppose their implementation, I do wonder what Edinburgh’s nationalist Councillors make of him undermining their position in this way, not least Cllr Neil Gardiner who represents the most affected area. Maybe it’s time for them to have a wee chat about how the SNP Government is funding Edinburgh?

Rather than picking a corner in this spat between Gordon MacDonald MSP and his party’s Councillors, however, I’d advise people to simply take part in consultation on the future of Currie High School and WHEC, and also ask Gordon MacDonald MSP to stop cutting Edinburgh’s budget.

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