Why Stu Campbell is wrong about Ian Murray MP.

Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale (right) with Edinburgh South candidate Ian Murray. Picture; PA

Nationalists love a good grievance and the 2017 General Election result is no exception. The SNP lost 21 seats in a meltdown brought about by their obsession with #IndyRef2 and indifference to public services. Rather than accept this, however, they are seeking to blame others.

A great example of this comes from the SNP’s chief apologist (post truth blogger Stuart Campbell). Rather than accept that Labour’s Ian Murray MP kept his seat because he’s hard working and opposes #IndyRef2 with real passion, Campbell seeks to undermine the result:


The first thing to note is that whilst the Tories did do well in May, Labour elected Councillors right across Edinburgh South. Indeed, in my Ward I was elected at the expense of an SNP Councillor and took Labour from fourth to second.

The second thing to note is that  the reason Ian Murray MP won with an increased majority was because the SNP vote collapsed from 16,666 votes to just 10,755.

Thirdly, rather than running a “paper” campaign to support Ian Murray MP, the Tories actually worked hard and, unlike the SNP, increased their vote share from 17.5% to 19.7%.

The hard truth for Campbell and his SNP masters is that in Edinburgh South the SNP vote collapsed and Labour was the main beneficiary.  No amount of moaning and crying can hide that fact.

EdSo Results

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