Only Ian Murray can beat the SNP in Edinburgh South


I find it quite remarkable that it’s being alleged that nobody in Edinburgh South is campaigning for people to vote Conservative. The reality is that both the SNP and the Tories are out trying to win votes for Theresa May.

The SNP know their vote is crumbling both nationally and locally, so their only hope is to split the substantial pro-UK vote element of Ian Murray’s support. They are doing this by claiming the seat is an SNP / Tory marginal, when in fact the Tories are in a distant third place and Labour is fighting it out with the SNP. Nobody can be surprised that the SNP is trying to divide and mislead the public.

Of course, they don’t mention Ian Murray personally as he has a huge personal vote. I’ve knocked on 1000s of doors for Ian and I’ve lost count of how many people I’ve spoken to that say he’s helped them. It’s this record that explains why people who normally support other parties are happy to back Ian Murray, not just his complete opposition to a second independence referendum. Indeed, his record helped me win my Council seat from the SNP last month.

There’s a rumour circulating that Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP candidate plan to pose for victory photographs next to the Morningside Clock on Friday.  People in Edinburgh South need to decide if they want to see Nicola Sturgeon and her acolytes or Ian Murray and Kezia Dugdale there on Friday.

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