#IndyRef2: It looks to me like Scotland is at a tipping point

The SNP is beyond parody. Only Nicola Sturgeon could turn Tony Blair’s call for the UK to unite against “hard” Brexit into yet another call for a second divisive referendum. Have our workplaces, families and communities not been damaged enough by her obsession?

Nicola Sturgeon may feel that the case for independence is “even more compelling” now than it was in 2014, but what was unknown then is still unknown today. The SNP still have no ideas on currency, how we’d reduce our deficit or what terms Scotland would be offered on applying to join the EU. Or perhaps they do know, but won’t say!

Whilst the known unknowns are still, erm, unknown some of the known facts are quite alarming. Scotland has the worst deficit in the EU, oil revenue is actually now below zero due to subsidies and unemployment in Scotland is now higher than the rest of the UK.

This is the reality Scotland faces. The SNP Government should be dealing with it instead of pumping out endless post truth nationalist rhetoric.

It looks to me like Scotland is at a tipping point. Nicola Sturgeon can choose to focus her energy and political capital on fixing the real problems she created in health and education. Alternatively, a second divisive referendum, failing schools and understaffed hospitals will be her legacy.

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